About Us
KAGWIRAWO is an electronic gaming platform that enables its users to engage in Sports Betting, Online Casino, and more. The KAGWIRAWO brand and range of products is owned and run by Blue Cube LIMITED, a company incorporated and registered in Uganda, and in business since 2007. Blue Cube LIMITED is duly lincensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB), under the Ministry of Finance.
KAGIRWAWO was the first of its kind, initially, only available through USSD. Thanks to our our pioneer efforts, the telcos were able to onboard other industry players who saw the value in adding electronic wallets using Mobile Money. This has become an industry standard.
With KAGWIRAWO, you expect;
1. Ease of use; intuitive and fast user interfaces
2. Reliability; with our IT (core-business) background you are assured of the highest degree of security for your money and data
3. A rich feature set; we're available online and on mobile (through USSD), with plenty of options for Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo, etc
4. Instant payments; hence our moniker… KAGWIRAWO
5. The best and MOST responsive customer service; we believe customer is king, and you get that all-round experience when you bet with KAGWIRAWO!